HearSay Encounters is a self-discover festival of sonic sculptures, soundworks, art, impromptu music, and deep listening in public spaces around the mountain town of Kilfinane, that evokes a sense of place and reminds us to let life love us once more.

A very special twist on the HearSay Audio Arts Festival:

A giant gramophone sparks the imagination and memory playing commentary from matches, festivals of yesterday and Kilfinane choirs.

A Giant Elk strides the square frozen – its bellow the fractured fragments of now stilled sounds of Kilfinane collective life that grow harder to remember.

Benches play audio Haikus, the sounds of the Amazon meld with Kilfinanes birdsong, films screen in windows, craft groups showcase their work accompanied by a pre-pandemic radio feature, self-guided walks discover hidden corners with sonic surprises.

HearSay is a unique live event that since 2014 has brought audio makers of all disciplines from all over the world together, with the people of Kilfinane, who host the festival and share their town, welcoming HearSay onto their streets and into their pubs and homes since 2014. World class audio in an Irish mountain village. Two communities discovering each other. A love of place. A love of sound. A shared space for new ideas and unexpected connections. HearSay is a kind of magic you can’t find anywhere else.

With support from the Arts Council and Limerick Council.

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